Over 350,000 people have now had their lives changed by ReadingWise courses.
We train community workers to fix PTSD, panic attacks and other mental health problems in places where effective mental health treatment does not exist or is unaffordable. Our training is fast and effective and free. And we are proven experts at literacy and confidence-building.


TraumaWise is for the hundreds of millions of people suffering from trauma who will never want to,or be able to, work with a mental health professional. It is a do-it-yourself therapy app with the goal of curing traumatic stress. It is still being tested. If you would like to be a beta-test user, please contact us.

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SessionWise is an 8 hour online course to train lay people on how to resolve traumas with their friends, family and colleagues who suffer from traumatic stress. SessionWise is currently being used to train NGO workers in Africa to help victims of human trafficking who have no access to conventional mental health services.


ThinkingWise is a short course for teenagers and adults to help them think straight. We believe that the school syllabus misses out essential information about history, psychology, money and logic that are essential for clear thinking. The aim is to reduce bias and open up mental horizons.


TeachingWise retrains teachers in accelerated learning techniques and classroom strategies to revolutionise school learning. No more chalk and talk. Lots more peer learning, mindmaps, memory techniques, self-paced learning and inspiring lesson plans. No more children at the back of class being bypassed in the learning process.

Tara Akshar+

Our TARA Akshar+ Hindi literacy program has enabled 235,000 illiterate women from rural India to learn to read and write Hindi (and count) in less than two months with minimal drop-outs.

Above is a graduate who stood up at a graduation ceremony to READ a poem that she had just WRITTEN.


Our ConfidenceWise is a series of accelearated meditation techniques and role plays that can eliminate shyness and fear of making mistakes. It is for classroom use only. Our trainers will train your teachers or trainers how to run it. Time = 24 hours.

Employability Life Skills

Our Employability Life Skills programs teach how to communicate, how to train others, how to learn quickly and lots more. 45,000 unemployed youths in below-poverty-line areas of India have graduated these courses AND went on to get jobs or higher education.


PhonicsWise is for learners who have difficulty decoding - that's anyone who cannot read fluently. Reading is a complex set of skills, any of which can go wrong. We address each different skill and find out WHY there is a problem and do exercises to remedy it. This program works for special needs learners, dyslexics and regular slow learners alike.


ComprehensionWise is for learners who have difficulty understanding what they read. The program teaches techniques for different types of reading. A graduate of this program will have the confidence and the skill to tackle the most difficult of texts.