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Ardicare Foundation, California

For our SessionWise project, we partner with the Ardicare Foundation of California, a nonprofit organization, founded by Richard and Diana Canant. Ardicare builds community resilience, and empowers communities to thrive by addressing trauma and stressful life issues. Their mission is to resolve trauma in peer-communities globally. Peer-communities are groups of people who have had the same or similar experiences. Because of many of Diana’s life experiences and the trauma resolution work that she had been doing for years, she recognized that we are each other’s best resource for healing from painful memories.

She contends that if we choose to rely on the western mental health medical model and experts who specialize in trauma to reach all those who have been impacted by trauma, we will never get ahead. In fact, we will continue to fall behind. There are not enough resources unless we think differently about what our resources are. The only effective path forward in addressing the impact of trauma globally, in the opinion of the Ardicare team, is a paradigm shift from the authority of experts to the innate wisdom of individuals and communities.

By leveraging the most abundant and the most effective resource we have, people who understand each other well because of their 'lived experiences in common', Ardicare aims to turn the tide of trauma in communities globally. Peer-community members do powerfully effective, deep, trauma-resolving work together in pairs, and this is the work that is practised in the SessionWise project.

Liluye, Spain

There are at least 40 million people in modern-day slavery, of which women and girls comprise over 70%. Modern slavery is most prevalent in Africa, followed by Asia and the Pacific.

Liluye's mission is to create exceptional, sustainable, ethnic, handmade accessories that will empower trafficked survivors globally to reintegrate back into society. This is done by teaching survivors a viable trade, and providing them with good income. All products and processes are sustainable, focusing on circularity.

With the help of SessionWise, Liluye can help meet one of their primary goals: to provide holistic healing and empowerment and freedom for these warrior artisans. They will be provided with mental health counselling to heal from the trauma inflicted on them. They will receive economic and trade training to create their own businesses so that they can be reintegrated into society successfully.

Our vision is to create safe havens for girls and women worldwide, bringing even more awareness and preventive measures to help end trafficking and modern slavery. Together we can help create a better and safer world for everyone.

Development Alternatives, India

Dr Ashok Khosla (on the right)

DA (Development Alternatives) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) based in New Delhi that has for 34 years been promoting sustainable national development in India to eradicate poverty. This means creating development projects that can be scaled up, are renewable, and result in jobs.

A key to DA’s success has been incubating low-cost innovative rural technologies, from village power generators using biomass, to literacy and capacity building.

DA is the partner and implementation agency for TARA Akshar+, ReadingWise’s flagship literacy program.

The head of DA is Dr Ashok Khosla. He is the former head of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and The Club of Rome. He was awarded the OBE by the UK Government for running their biggest ever anti-poverty project (in which TARA Akshar played a major role.) Read more at

Vasantham Vision Trust, Sri Lanka

Vani Ragulan

The 26-year civil war in Sri Lanka, which ended in 2009, witnessed the loss of between 80,000 and 100,000 lives, and brought development to a standstill in many parts of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. To restart development, people need education and skills.

Vasantham Vision Trust, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) in Sri Lanka, was formed to carry out education and skills training programs for children and youths in the former Civil War zones. The Trust is determined to help the young people most affected by the war to create a future for themselves.

Vani Ragulan, a Singaporean teacher, runs the Trust's operations.